Exibição do filme ” La Luna” no Cinema Museum em Londres

“La Luna” vai ser exibido no Exploding Cinema at The Cinema Museum em Londres

“La Luna” de Luísa Sequeira


For the last few years Exploding Cinema have been putting on shows at The Cinema Museum, promoting fresh new short films and turning the venue into a psychedelic wonderland with their massive collection of old projectors painting the walls with found footage and weird super 8 loops.


Exploding Cinema is back in November, showing a programme of independent shorts submitted from all over the world. Drama, Documentary, Animation, Experimental, weird and wonderful share the main screen, while the rest of the walls (and the ceiling) play host to the Exploding Cinema’s legendary eclectic psychedelic visuals projection show.


Memória, substantivo feminino na primeira edição do Engauge Experimental Film Festival em Seattle! 

Memory, Female Noun by Luísa Sequeira  at ENGAUGE EXPERIMENTAL

Memory, Female Noun by Luísa Sequeira 

“Memory, Female Noun” rescues my family’ s super 8 movies, with new Super 8 footage from a movie I was doing about Barbara Virginia, one of the pioneers of Portuguese cinema and one of the first women to be present in the 1st edition of Cannes Film Festival in 1946 with a feature film. 

” La Luna” at 1st BCK Film Symposium by Pugnant Film Series

“La Luna” by Luísa Sequeira  will be screening at the 1st BCK Film Symposium  held in Athens, Greece, from 02.11.2018 till 11.11.2018.

The Symposium features film screenings, panels, workshops, presentations and round table discussions on technical and creative processes by filmmakers and organisations from Greece, Germany and Turkey. The Symposium is open to the public and it aims to create a support network for independent filmmaking across the world.

Pugnant Film Series, organises screenings of underground, dada & auteur cinema in Athens & Greece.

“La Luna” by Luísa Sequeira at 1st BCK Film Symposium