Quem é Bárbara a Virgínia? no festival de cinema da Madeira


Filme ” Quem é Bárbara Virgínia?” de Luísa Sequeira

O filme “Quem é Bárbara a Virgínia?” de Luísa Sequeira vai ser exibido no festival de cinema da Madeira

The Madeira Film Festival is staged at  the Municipal Theatre plus other satellite venues within Funchal.  The Municipal Theatre  ( Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias ) is indeed a  most aesthetically pleasing venue, we consider ourselves very lucky to present the films here in the centre of Funchal, the theatre holds up to 300 persons. We hope to offer both the audience and exhibiting filmmakers a memorable  experience, virtue of location ought to sustain this remit and as MFF is indeed an intimate festival past editions indicate that both business and personal relationships are forged and maintained readily.

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